Construction Update Winter 2021

In 2021, Oakridge Park:

• Poured 99,090m3 of concrete or the equivalent of 13,212 trucks. This volume would fill an NHL ice rink 65m high. It will fill an NBA basketball court playing area 227m high.
• Used 35 million pounds of rebar (15,875,733kg). Placed end to end, it would measure just over 6,741km in length, or roughly the distance of a return trip to New York City
• Had 24,000 dump trucks remove soil to dig out the future Oakridge parkade (stretched end to end they would create a line nearly 500km long)
• Approximately 2100 concrete loads, 230 loads of general demo debris, 120 loads of drywall, 150 loads of metal/steel

As 2021 draws to a close, construction at Oakridge Park is accelerating. Significant progress has been made as the buildings in Phase 1 begin to take shape. On the residential buildings Oakridge x Castiglia, Oakridge x Lissoni, Oakridge x Westbank and Oakridge x Clémande, work up to the podium level has been progressing well, with the North Parkade, the South parkade, and parkade below the Civic building reaching completion. With those elements finished, mechanical and electrical services are underway and being installed alongside the structure advancement of Building 2, the Social Housing at Oakridge Park.

The remaining structures on site including the North East Office building are being prepared for demolition in January. Demolition of the mall area is now complete and excavation has begun. Removing these buildings is an exciting step in the project, clearing the way for significant construction advancements in the new year. As the buildings begin to rise. Oakridge Park is starting to take shape as Vancouver’s new town centre and cultural hub.

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